ROS – ros_deptsense_camera

DepthSense DS325 is a short range Time-of-Flight RGB-D sensor. It allows to retrieve a pointcloud at 60hz with a resolution of 320×240 points. DS325 has al an RGB camera which can reach 30hz at WXGZ_H (1280×720) resolution.
The DS235 camera is also equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and a stereo microphone.

SoftKinetic DepthSense DS325

SoftKinetic DepthSense DS325

The drivers are available on the SoftKinetic’s website.
The drivers for Nvidia Jetson TK1 are available only if directly requested to Softkinetic opening a support ticket. The support by SoftKinetic is really fast and reliable, you can get full information and the drivers for embedded ARM very quickly.

3D and RGB informations by DS325

3D and RGB informations by DS325

Source code

The source code is available on Github:



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  2. The softkinetic driver and SDK for Tegra TK1 is sadly not available for download, when I requested a download, they stated that only the x86 x64 Linux versions were free. They say that they are considering releasing a Raspberry Pi driver, but it won’t probably be Ubuntu but Debian.

    How do we solve that? Is the version you have for the Tegra TK1 labeled as free for personal use in the documentation?

    • Hi Tore,
      I received it by SoftKinetic but I have not read the license yet.
      I’m going to verify if I can send it to you.

      • Thanks, that would be helpful if it’s possible. I’ve written SoftKinetic again to verify that the driver is really unavailable now, but used to be available. Let’s hope they reconsider!

  3. Could you please send to me Jetson TK1 Driver? I really need it. but I cannot find how to get.

  4. Softkinetic contacted me again, their driver is still available if you ask them. I do not have a Jetson tk1 but doing this on a Raspberry Pi 2, which doesn’t have GL hardware support. I manage to get 8 fps 320×240 depth stream and 2 fps video in SimpleViewer in the driver package 28% cpu(one core 100% and 16% on nr. two), so not that impressive, but useful enough for mapping and collision avoidance.

    ROS, however handle the senz3d with a lot of openGL, so i think I have reached a dead end with the PI, as I can’t compile the softkinetic ros node from github!!!

    So I’m considering upgrading to to a Jetson TK1, however it seems to be sold out in Europe and buying from the US means double price after customs!!

    Anyone know of any retailers in EU that still stock it, or any other GL or maybe Cuda board with some muscle?

    And Mr. Myzharbot enjoy your trip.

  5. How do I open a ticket in Softkinect website to ask about the drivers for the Jetson. Is anybody willing to share the drivers with me. I’d like to try it. Thank you.

  6. Thanks Myzhar, I got it working. However, I don’t know if I can do with it. It only displays a depth information in ascii… let’s see if I can do something about it.

    • Exactly. That’s the “ARM demo”. You need to write your own software to get the full data. The same thing that I’m doing with my “ros_depth_camera” driver

  7. Hi Myzhar,
    I’ve noticed on the soft kinetic website that they have a beta version of a long-range mode driver for the DS325. Does your ARM driver have that capability? My understanding is that the regular driver senses about 1 meter, but that the long-range mode driver can do nearly 4 meters.

    • The driver that I’m using allows to measure distances longer than 1 m, but the confidence level decrease a lot. I’m going to verify if there is an update

      • Interesting. If it can get some reasonable readings, it should be a good replacement for the Kinect and XTION. I’m looking for an alternative to the XTION that is still in production for a little project I’m working on.

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