An interview about MyzharBot by Radio Stonata

Radio Stonata

Yesterday evening at 9 pm (Italian time) on the Web Radio “Radio Stonata” I was interviewed by Elisabetta Casarin about MyzharBot project and its campaing on TakeOff Crowdfunding for the radio program “Crowdfunding”. You can listen to the interview (in italian language) clicking Play on the widget below. RadioStonata.Crowdfunding.14.05.2014.Myzhartbot(takeoffcrowdfunding)+SilosProduction(PdB) by …

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MyzharBot is the first project fully funded on the new crowdfunding platform “Technofunding“, the first fully dedicated to technologic projects. Technofunding started at the end of August 2013 and the first projects started their campaigns the 28th August. Today, after two months only MyzharBot reached the goal with €650 pledged …

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