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ROS/iNemo-M1 Discovery: the node is working!

Finally the ROS node to interface with the ST iNemo-M1 Discovery is ready and we can get information about the accelerations and the rotation speed of the robot directly from the board.

MyzharBot is one of the three finalists of the 6th Kublai Award

MyzharBot has been chosen as one of the three finalists for the “6th Kublai Award”. The award is promoted by DPS “Dipartimento per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione Economica” and Kublai, a collaborative environment for the development of ideas and projects. The price? 5000€ in services… a good way to … Continue reading

ROS Node for iNemo-M1 Discovery almost done…

The work for the iNemo Challenge is going on and the ROS node to acquire Inertial data from the iNemo-M1 sensor is almost ready. The serial protocol realized by ST to communicate with the board is really well done, but you need a lot of accuracy implementing the driver, to … Continue reading

New video about MyzharBot and ROS available

A new video about MyzharBot and ROS is available on YouTube. The video demonstrates how the robot can be remotely controlled using the brand new Keyboard Teleoperation node. The node can be used to move manually the robot or to suddenly take manual control when something goes wrong in autonomous … Continue reading

Cheers by Maker Faire

“I’m here alone waiting for the opening….”

Ready for Maker Faire European Edition 2014

It’s been a while since the last post, but the work of MyzharBot has not stopped … I just had no time to write something on the site, busy at 100% writing C++ code for the migration to ROS. At present the ROS node to control MyzharBot through RoboController board is ready (modbus driver using … Continue reading

MyzharBot has been chosen for iNemo challenge

Today I received the confirmation by email that MyzhzrBot has been chosen to partecipate to the italian issue of the iNemo challenge. In a few days I will receive my iNemo Discovery M1 board. I received the board by the postman just when I was writing this post as you … Continue reading

First steps with ROS… MyzharBot moves its tracks!

Here is the video of the first “steps” made by MyzharBot under ROS. In the last days I wrote down the code for the rosnode that will provide motor control: robocontroller_node. Using the “turtle_teleop_key” node, included in ROS, I tested that the communication between ROS and RoboController board was ok… and … Continue reading

Migration to ROS is ongoing…

As mentioned in the previous post, MyzharBot is migrating to ROS. One of the first step to realize was the porting of the interface to the RoboController board using modbus protocol. Well, it is ready! The rosnode that will perform the Motion Control of the Robot is able to connect to … Continue reading

A new evolution step: ROS

Writing and writing C++ code for the servers and the clients that allow to MyzharBot to move I had always in mind the possibility to migrate toward ROS. ROS is something similar to an operating system written to control every kind of robot, but it is not a real operating … Continue reading

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