MyzharBot v3.1.1

Power distribution and filtering board is ready to work

Today I received the new PCB of the power distribution board … only half an hour of welding and the card is ready to be mounted on board of MyzharBot to replace the two prototypes. A few of new holes for nuts and bolts… the rectangular hole for the power … Continue reading

The works on RGB-D goes on

The works on Asus XTion Pro Live goes on. The grabber has been added to SDK even it is still in embrional phase. On Github you can find the test application (Test-AsusXTionProLive-OpenNI2) made in Qt5 and tested under Windows 8.1. The application tests the acquisition of the data from the … Continue reading

Asus XTion Pro Live: first test

One of the first test with the Asus Xtion Pro Live under Windows 8.1 using the library OpenNI

MyzharBot will see in 3D

Today I received the sensor that will replace the double webcam to allow to MyzharBot to “see” in 3D. The sensor is the Asus XTion Pro Live. XTion Pro Live is a RGB-D sensor, namely a normal RGB camera which every pixel has depth informations. Its operation is based on … Continue reading

You can officially meet MyzharBot at European Maker Faire in October!

It’s official: MyzharBot will be present at European Maker Faire in Rome since 3rd to 5th October. MyzharBot will not be alone, it will be accompanied by many of the other robots from “Officine Robotiche” that already have accompanied him to the event “Officine Robotiche 2014“. From Maker Faire website: The Maker … Continue reading

Diagram of the power connections

In a few days MyzharBot will receive the PCB of the Power Distribution Board. Meanwhile I published the full diagram of the power connection of the different modules of the robot.

Video Server using Multicast is finally working

Finally, the Video Server is working using Multicast UDP protocol. There is no more limit to the number of clients that can connect to server, each client must only start binding to the correct port and can start to receive the frames asyncronously. I tested the code of the SDK … Continue reading

Power Distribution board sent to PCB Service

On the wave of the success of the funding campaign on TakeOff Crowdfunding, MyzharBot is now waiting for its new board: the Power Distribution v1.0. The Power Distribution board joins the two prototypes visibile on the rear of MyzharBot into one single board providing both protection to power inversion and … Continue reading

SDK modification in progress…

Before of moving the servers of the robot on the NVidia Jetson TK1 I decided that it is the time to modify the Network Architecture of the HLU. The main modification is on Camera Server and Status Server… until now they were polling servers and each client should be connected directly … Continue reading

New photo gallery: NVidia Jetson TK1 mounted and powered

A new photo gallery is available: the NVidia Jetson TK1 is now mounted on the upper horizontal base and powered by the 12V generated by the programmable DC-DC converter. Now it’s time to port the software on the new board and to start to create Computer Vision algorithms!!!

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About MyzharBot

A little description of MyzharBot and how it has born
MyzharBot is an open source and open hardware robotic platform
MyzharBot is a robotics tracked platform capable of performing every task that comes on your mind. It will have a stable software SDK that will allow you to change the control task everytime you want… the SDK will allow to everyone to join the project and to work on its own platform in parallel to MyzharBot development.